We're looking to add some like minded individuals to the team! 


*must be licensed by TDLR in the state of tx

*must be able to perform all barber services within 30 minutes

*must be motivated and hungry! you will be REQUIRED to hustle for yourself at least half as much as the shop will hustle for you

*must be able to remain focused and thrive in a fast paced, busy work environment

*must LOVE the trade. if this is a job and not a career then this is not the shop for you

*must be personable and able to work with knuckleheads and ne'erdowells in a semi professional capacity

*must be teachable

*must be eager to learn more about the trade and grow with the craft

*must be driven. the shop promotes and markets for all the barbers but also require our barbers to promote themselves and the shop as well. we're a growing family, this is a group effort

*must be overly opinionated about music


If all of this applies to you and you're interested in joining us at @eastendbarber then send a resume to:  

OR TEXT to: 281-435-3616