Service times vary per barber. No kids under the age of 4, no exceptions.

Arriving 15 minutes after scheduled appointment time will result in forfeiture of appointment, will be charged 50%.

50% charge for no call no shows or cancellations made within 2 hours of appointment time.



Haircut - $25

Any standard/classic barber shop hair cut. taper, fade, side part, pompadour, crop, etc...


Haircut/Beardtrim - $35

Any standard/classic barber shop hair cut with any long or short beard trim.

Buzzcut - $15

Single guard clipper cut with line up, no fading/blending.

Full Shave - $45

Hot towel straight razor face shave.


Line Up - $12

A simple edging/clean up of the perimeter of the hair cut with electric trimmers plus straight razor on neck only. no fading or blending

Long Beard - $20

Any beard trim that's too big for clipper guards. any beard that requires greater detail shaping with free hand clipper and/or shear treatment with line up, no straight razor.


Partial Shave - $25

Any beard trim(long or short) with hot towel straight razor line up.

Short Beard Trim - $12

Single guard clipper beard trim with line up, no straight razor.


Specialty Cut - $35

aka the fancy boi/fancy gurl

Any standard barber shop hair cut with 2 or more inches of growth needed to be cut off the sides. Any freestyle design work. Any long hair trim. 


Head Shave - $25

Straight razor head shave with hot towel treatment.